You will NOT find a better group to work with than Colin & CVE Mortgage… Quick & efficient… Friendly and professional at the very best rates!

L.D, New Hamburg, ON


After being turned down by my bank I contacted Colin. He was able to very quickly get me into a mortgage that I could afford and with this mortgage I was able to consolidate all of my debt. Thanks Colin.

Carole, 66, Kitchener, Ontario


My fiancé and I recently purchased our first house. We got offered a great rate by our bank but Colin was able to arrange something even better at a lower rate. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Josh, 26, Waterloo, Ontario


Bills kept piling up and it seemed impossible to get caught back up so we went to Colin for a second mortgage. He was able to show us how it would make more sense to refinance into a new first mortgage (which we had already tried at our bank). He was successful and now we have the financial independence we were trying for.

Emily, 50, Kitchener, Ontario


I had a house purchase closing in 5 days and had nothing lined up for financing. I called Colin on a Sunday and he had the mortgage closed by Friday. I worked for several others before contacting him who simply could not get the job done. Would recommend to anyone.

AA, 25, Waterloo


I went to my bank of 20 years when I needed extra money to consolidate bills with no luck. Colin was able to arrange financing at a great rate and in efficient time frame.

SM, 33, Hamilton


Colin consolidated our 1st and 2nd mortgage along with our consumer proposal and lowered our payments collectively by almost $1,000 per month and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you CVE.

J and J, 55, Kitchener