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5 things that may need a closer look next time you buy a house

September 12th, 2015

To help you protect that investment and find a safe, comfortable place for your family to call home, here is a list of some of the things you should look at before you buy a home, to make sure you...

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What to do if your identity is stolen

September 3rd, 2015

If you should fall victim to identity theft, it is important that you act quickly. Contacting the correct agencies and filing the necessary reports will go a long way toward minimizing any damage to...

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Labour Market Boosts Canadian Real Estate in the Second Quarter

August 25th, 2015

Against the backdrop of mixed economic signals at home and abroad, Canada’s real estate market remained healthy in the second quarter of 2015, with solid national average price appreciation across...

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How will Bank of Canada’s rate cut impact you?

August 18th, 2015

As you might have seen in the news, the Bank of Canada cut it's overnight rate to 0.5% from 0.75%.  Here is what this change might mean to you.   If you currently have a fixed rate...

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