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Colin Eby – CVE Owner

Colin Eby
CVE Mortgage Group Inc.
Owner, Mortgage Broker
Providing a wide range of mortgage products for everyone from first time home buyers to bad credit mortgages, within the Kitchener-Waterloo area and throughout all of Ontario.
Phone: 519-501-7758

Colin Eby graduated from our local Wilfrid Laurier University from right here in Waterloo, Ontario, with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance. Shortly after graduation, he was led to the mortgage industry, where Colin obtained both his Mortgage Agent and Mortgage Broker statuses in just a few years.

After several years working within the mortgage industry, he decided it was time to start his own company in order to better serve the public. CVE Mortgage Group, Inc. was born from Colin’s strong desire to bring a wider range of mortgage options to a wider segment of the public who truly need the information and assistance with regards to the right mortgage options/solutions.

Colin is a licensed mortgage broker, with a valid license from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (License #12659). Almost as important as that license, is the knowledge that he brings to the table. With his experience in the mortgage industry, Colin has developed an understanding of the challenges that individuals seeking information on their mortgage options tend to face. He understands that everyone’s situation is different and is proud that CVE Mortgage Group, Inc. strives to provide personalized options and answers to customers who come to them seeking answers to their mortgage questions.

When he’s not in the office, working to find the best mortgages for his customers, Colin enjoys time with friends and family. He enjoys playing hockey and spending time at the lake in the summer sun.

If you have any questions at all about your ability to qualify for a mortgage, please do not hesitate to contact Colin Eby, Mortgage Broker, directly through this site or one of the CVE team for guidance in achieving your financial dreams through the right mortgage product/option for you and your family.