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There are a number of reasons you may be considering securing a second mortgage. Perhaps you're looking to use the funds to consolidate high interest debt. Maybe you're looking to pay unexpected expenses. Or perhaps you need to repay and eliminate court judgments, liens or unsettled collections.

While a second mortgage is not a permanent solution, it can provide a helpful stepping-stone leading to an ideal financial position in the future.

Here's a few benefits of a second mortgage:

Check Box Box with check mark Home Equity Access: With a second mortgage, you can gain access to funds from your existing home equity to use for expenses like home improvements, debt, or other purchases.

Check Box Box with check mark Financial Flexibility: A second mortgage allows borrowers to use the funds they gain access to as they desire, without any loan restrictions.

Check Box Box with check mark Competitive Interest Rates: Gain access to lower interest rates when compared to other forms of credit with a second mortgage, allowing you to avoid high interest debt.

Check Box Box with check mark Repayment Terms: Negotiate more convenient repayment terms, tailored to your personal financial situation with a second mortgage.

At CVE Mortgage Group, we provide you the tools and guidance needed to transform your finances for the better. Relieve yourself from the burden of financial stress and contact us to for the help you need with securing your second mortgage.

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Say Goodbye to Financial Stress with a Second Mortgage

No Stress

Do you feel like no matter what you do, you just can't seem to make ends meet?

Maybe the bills keep piling up and you can never get ahead. Or perhaps you're self-employed and the bank has turned you down because you don't have the proof of income you need. (Your accountant is really good at their job, we get it.)

The good news is: you have options.

At CVE Mortgage, we help clients free up cash flow and ease financial stress through securing a second mortgage, and we can always beat the rates offered by the big banks.

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Why A Second May Be The Right Solution

Our end goal is to refinance your first mortgage to consolidate your debt down the road so you can pay off your mortgage(s) faster. But sometimes there are some extra steps involved in getting there.

Here's a few item's we'll need to help secure a better rate:

  • You're looking to increase cash flow or pay for emergency situations
  • Refinancing your first mortgage would lead to high penalty payments
  • You're self-employed and struggling to provide proof of income
  • You have debt and/or bad credit that you need to wipe clean

At CVE Mortgage, it's our top priority to get you the best mortgage product for your personal needs. A second mortgage isn't for everyone, which is why we always start with a thorough analysis. From here, we present all of your options, along with our professional recommendations and advice, so you can feel confident in making the right decision for your financial situation.

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